Our seamless electronic health record will help you quickly walk through a visit and document all the necessary information along the way. Automate tasks that you do regularly, and set up notifications such as reminders or orders. Let the EHR remember your most used injections or prescriptions and eliminate that extra click.

Orthopaedic Workflow

TriMed’s Workflow Engine offers the ability to send notifications and items to people automatically, with no staff intervention. You can allow the engine to auto trigger a certain item (such as an Rx) to be created and sent to a specific individual or team. The workflow Engine can also auto print and auto fax items. If you always print a certain form after a specific visit, the system can automatically do it for you.
e-Rx Management

Prescribing drugs is made quick and easy in the TriMed EHR. In our system there are multiple ways to refill and write common drugs. The Quick-Rx module allows a user to quickly pick standard options. Our technology allows these options to be gathered on a practice or provider basis and gets smarter the longer you use it. Quick-Rx also allows a provider to send multiple drugs to multiple pharmacies with just a few clicks. Within our system providers can sign up for EPCS and securely send controlled substances.

Interactive Notation

Within the TriMed EHR, the patient note drives the workflow of our providers. In other EHR systems you spend a great deal of time going from one screen to the next, or clicking one button after another. Not so in the TriMed EHR. In our system, you will work straight through a patient visit without leaving a note. In other systems you don’t know how a note is going to come together, whereas with TriMed, you see what you are building as you work your way through the note. Our goal is to structure your note so that you simply work from top to bottom and once you reach the bottom of your note, all notating, ordering, billing, etc. has been completed.

Decision Support

Practices can use the Health Watcher module to deliver a variety of Maintenance Plans to its patients. Attach a post surgery plan to a patient or distribute custom plans to different patients that meet more stringent criteria. Regardless of the type of plan or chart criteria, the Health Watcher provides a vehicle to distribute it.


Anything you do on our system on a desktop computer can also be done on a tablet. Many vendors market the ability to use the product on a tablet device but this is often a subset of the features available on a desktop machine. In TriMed’s product every feature offered in the desktop chart is available on a tablet device. Out and about? Use your smartphone. There you can view your schedule, view a patient’s appointment history and problem list, and you can even refill a prescription from your phone.