We understand that patient communication is tough. That is why we have developed multiple tools for overcoming this obstacle. With many means of communicating we hope to allow you to reach your patients more efficiently and keep communication flowing.

Online Booking

With the freedom to book appointments online, patients no longer have to be put on hold while you assist other patients. With online booking, we will automatically add the appointment to the same schedule your staff is working on so that slots never get overbooked. Our Booking Wizard guides patients to determine their best booking option and prompts patients for further information you would like to gather at this time.
Patient Records

The Patient Portal is a great place for patients to go to view records, update history items, and receive reminders. If you have a pre-op packet or post-op instructions you can easily send these to the portal for patient viewing. As a Portal Admin, you get to decide what tools, buttons, and information appears on the Portal. You can fully customize what your patients are allowed to do/access while using the site.


You have the ability to send secure messages to and from the system which allows you to cut down on the number of phone calls to and from patients. When a message is sent from the system, a patient will receive an email/text message to alert them that they have an unread message on the Portal. Send messages in batch or individually and use customizable templates that allow you to automatically insert personal data into a message.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders can be generated out of the Practice Management system and help you decrease no-shows and increase staff availability. Because the system can automatically send out reminders via Text, Email or Voice messages a staff member is freed up to do other tasks around the office. And unlike many software systems, TriMed does all your appointment reminders without the use of an interface. This means that we can efficiently send and receive reminders and we will immediately mark responses in the system accordingly. Patients can confirm or cancel an appointment through any one of our reminder types and appointments are marked according to the response with no staff intervention.

Online Bill Pay

TriMed makes it easy for your patients to pay an outstanding bill. Patients can pay balances online using the Patient Portal or the Check-in Module with a credit or debit card. Payments are auto posted into the PM with no staff intervention. In this way, no posted payments can get lost and payments are always posted to the appropriate account. You also have the ability to store patient credit cards and automatically charge a credit card (with the patient's permission) an outstanding balance.