Allow the tools found in the TriMed Practice Management system to help you manage revenue. Our tools are quick and easy to use and can often be scheduled or run in batch to save time. With all your data in one place, have the freedom to run reports to help you better understand your practice and your revenue.


In TriMed’s Practice Management system scheduling is customizable to your needs. With Flexible templates and separate After Hours and Weekend Schedules you get to decide how long visits are per provider. While scheduling appointments don’t forget to set up automatic SMS, Email, and or voice reminders.

Make verifying insurance eligibility easy with TriMed. Eligibility should not be a burden to your staff when a computer can do it for you. Check patient benefits real-time to get the information you need when you need it. Or check eligibility in batch to quickly narrow down the patients you need to work through. In our module you will visibly see your working list get smaller as patient’s eligibility is checked. We will also store checked eligibility so that if you need to return to it you do not need to wait for the system to recheck it.


The built-in reporting system provides users with enough flexibility to ensure that they have access to all necessary data. User-defined reports can be scheduled to run automatically and results can be exported into Excel for further analysis. Use pre-loaded report templates or customize a template to meet a specific need. Additionally, users are able to merge together data pulled from the database to create patient documents.

Advanced Collections

A dynamic collection work screen assists users in tracking progress and allows them to create and reference administrative notes. Take full advantage of the benefits of digital information by searching documents or using advanced filters to organize workflow. TriMed PM is able to display denial codes attached to specific line items upon receipt from insurance companies. Additionally, denied claims automatically flow into the insurance collections module for easy follow-up. This automation increases efficiency and provides a granular level of clarity during collections process.

Authorization Management

Reduce the number of denials and improve the overall quality of patient care by using our advanced authorization and referral tracking modules. Centrally manage all authorization details including outbound and inbound referrals. After obtaining authorization details, let TriMed PM track how many visits are allowed as well as how many visits have been used. Advanced features support procedure-specific authorization tracking and authorization expiration dates for non-specific procedures are also tracked. Also, it is a simple task to see if you have received a consult note or other documentation from an outside provider.