Reduce the number of denials and improve the overall quality of patient care by using our advanced authorization and referral tracking modules. Centrally manage all pieces of the authorization from referring physician information to the insurance authorization information.


After obtaining authorization details, let TriMed PM track how many visits are allowed as well as how many visits have been used. Advanced features support procedure-specific authorization tracking and authorization expiration dates for non-specific procedures are also tracked.
Track Referrals from Beginning to End
You can track a referral from the moment an appointment is made. Each appointment can hold the referring physician information and authorization information. This helps automate correspondence back to the referring physician.
Full Authorization Tracking
TriMed PM tracks all parts of authorizations. Whether the authorization is made up a certain number of visits, or certain procedures or diagnoses, TriMed PM handles all of this. The rules are checked when charges are entered and the appropriate authorization is placed on the claim.