Patient Texting and Emailing are used for a variety of things in our system. We believe that this is the best way to engage your patients and to get them the health information you have to offer to them. Send emails and text messages to patients from the Practice Management system as well as the EHR. All correspondences are saved to the patient account and can be viewed at any time.


Setup standard SMS and Email templates with the ability to autofill patient information. With the use of these templates you can quickly auto generate a personalized message to a patient that includes items such as their name and lab results from their last appointment.


Text messaging and emails are also used to send appointment confirmations after appointments are booked. This is a great way to confirm with your patients their next appointment and supply them with information such as directions to the practice and what time their appointment is scheduled for.


Send recalls through mailed letters, emails or text messages. Recalls can also be auto generated based off of many events including charges posted, Knee Replacement templates, prescriptions, fracture follow-up schedules, etc. These can be auto generated from the EHR, for example, if a certain procedure code is added to a patient during a visit.

Patient Campaigns
Unlike many software systems, TriMed does all your appointment reminders without the use of an interface. This means that we can efficiently send and receive reminders and we will immediately mark responses in the system accordingly.
Collection Alerts
Collection alerts can be sent through mailed letters, emails and text messages.